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The Need is Great. . .

When an inmate is released from jail, he barely has a chance at succeeding. He has little money, no job, no place to live, no food or decent clothing, no car - but lots of hope and aspirations. He wants to stay out of jail. It will be nearly impossible to honestly answer the questions on applications for employment or housing and expect a positive response. The odds seem insurmountable. What can he do? In total frustration, in spite of good intentions, he will revert back to the only means of survival he knows, and will end up back in jail.

Addressing the needs of inmates requires more than good intentions on our part, too. For years, the church has taken a minor role in prison ministry. Growth of crime and resulting inmate populations is out of control. It's time to take up the burden of these hurting brothers and sisters and help them - through ministry of the Word, pre-release training and preparation, a healthy environment for newly release inmates, and continuing follow-up care to insure healthy lives and spiritual growth.

Together we can make a difference in these lives, by committing the resources we have, whether financial, prayerful, or as part of a volunteer team.