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What is Second Chance Ministries of Pennsylvania, Inc.?

Our mission is to foster the growth of spiritual and character development, and to instill a deep understanding of the life-changing principles that address the underlying causes for each inmate's incarceration.

Services We Provide:

Faith Based Life-Skills  Programs in institutions.
Workforce Development Classes in Community Centers
Emotional and Spiritual support after release.
Counseling and Practical Assistance.
Work in cooperation with the Pa. Dept. of Corrections.
Work with Parole and Court systems.
Network with other ministries and organizations.
Implement volunteer teaching and training sessions.


Lives filled with pain. . .

85% of inmates are there on drug-related crimes. 97% of all crimes committed are drug or alcohol related.
55% of inmate's families desert them while incarcerated.
Inmates are filled with rejection and rebellion and carry mental and emotional scars in their lives.
Many inmates have been abused as children.
Many have graduated from juvenile institutions.
The average inmate is 20 years old.

Sobering Statistics. . .

4 out of 5 crimes are committed by ex-offenders.
2 of every 3 ex-inmates return to prison.
95 out of 100 prisoners will return to the street.